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Board Members

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Jutta Thoerner, Director
Master Facilitator
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Kasia Roether, Director
Master Facilitator
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Cynthia Douglas, MD, Director
Chief Financial Officer

Team Members

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Lucky and Chatan
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In the memory of our little Ambassador


From Party to Purpose


She had to leave the birthday party early, not knowing why so many of the children had rejected her.  Luckily, she couldn’t understand the words they were using to harshly criticize her appearance.  One little girl called out, “I don’t like this one. It’s not pretty at all.”  Another child agreed, “I know.  Look at those weird eyes, and it has a nose like a pig.”  Both children laughed loudly and walked away.


No longer marketable for entertaining children, the mini horse now named Ophelia came to Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) as a rescue animal.  Suffering from an improper diet, a skin condition that caused rashes and scabbing, and teeth that were so poorly aligned that food fell from her mouth as she tried to chew, the little horse required specialized daily care and repeated services of a veterinarian to recover.


Ophelia is now part of a team with full-size horses and travels in a minivan to serve care providers and first responders in our community during life coaching with horses sessions and activities.  Her approachable stature, spunky attitude and endearing personality provide welcome support and comfort to a wide range of deserving people.  She now receives comments of praise and gratitude like these made by a woman who was intimidated by the larger horses, “ I love Ophelia!  She is so sweet and gentle, and I bonded with her immediately.  I just want to hug her and hang out with her all day because she makes me feel so good inside.”  Although Ophelia cannot understand the words, she definitely feels the affection and connection that has come from her new purpose in life, and so do the people that have enjoyed her company.


Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) staff will continue to cultivate the memory of Ophelia and the inspiration that came from having her as a part of our Equine team.

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