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Kasia Roether - Master Facilitator Coach

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I realized for the first time that horses have healing powers when a was a very little girl snuggling with a giant of a draft horse in my parents’ barn.  Despite the horse’s daunting physical stature, I felt safe, peaceful and completely at ease.  Back then, I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did, but I knew that something special emanated from the heart of that magnificent animal that continues to resonate within me. This profound childhood experience ingrained in me the belief that horses have the amazing ability to positively influence humans by empowering us to improve our lives.


My life has followed many different directions over the years, but I consistently remained determined to help others to have transforming experiences with horses.  I listened to my heart, pursued my dreams and chose paths less traveled filled with hard work, learning from my mistakes and successes, and going through all of the emotions that come from learning the lessons of life.  

I came to the United States from Poland in 2000 and deepened my knowledge, experience and understanding of equine behavior and physiology through training a multitude of horses with professional trainers from top-rated, globally recognized breeding and boarding farms in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and California.  

I went on to collaborate with programs such as PATH, EGALA, Morning Star Youth Ranch, and Veterans organizations to facilitate and coordinate the use of horses for therapy, counseling, and alternative forms of support.  After studying under Martha Beck, completing Center for Equus Coaching training and becoming a certified Equine Master Facilitator, I began life coaching with horses to continue this special work.


Through Life Coaching With Horses 501(c)(3), I provide compassionate guidance leading to well-being, mindfulness, fulfillment and the genuine love of life.  I offer all of my experience, knowledge, enthusiasm for self-discovery and exploration and a good-natured attitude as I gently support personal journeys and life-enriching connections with horses.

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