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Horses thrive in herds where they relate to each other in a hierarchical order, with set boundaries, play and clear communication, all while being fully present and congruent with their individual natures.  The horse herd functions successfully with leadership that supports safety, comfort, social interactions, and tending to each member's needs.

Within a herd of horses, there is a wealth of wisdom and intelligence that can be incorporated into creating healthy, honest and constructive interactions with any group of people. 

Humans share with horses the same innate desire to be part of a bigger social group and engage in a communal exchange of contributions that lead to well-being and prosperity.

Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) for groups offers a unique combination of lively and practical interactions with horses, encouraging discussions, individual and grouped guidance from the coaches, and team-building activities enabling participants to:

  • Gain valuable insights into human patterns of relating to others,

  • Shift the dynamics of roles and responsibilities within a team,

  • Learn to listen beyond words and to respond with clarity.

  • Set and honor healthy boundaries.

  • Bring out the inner sense of play within their surroundings.

  • Strengthen communication about their needs.

Leaving busy workplaces, taking in the revitalizing beauty of natural surroundings, and spending a day together with horses may be precisely what a hard-working team needs.  Our relaxed paced workshops evoke self-care, inspire creative and playful connections outside the work environment, help with dissolving limiting beliefs, and promote practicing grace and compassion toward coworkers.

To be safe and comfortable in our ranch setting, we advise clients to wear outdoor, weather-appropriate clothing and covered toe footwear. Light snacks, drinks and lunch are provided, but clients are responsible for specific food restrictions. 

Please explore our website for more information, and contact us directly to create a schedule exclusively for your group.


“My favorite moment in a day full of insights and amazing experiences was my time in the ring with Catan. I started out a bit anxious. It was early in the day I and was unfamiliar with horses. Jutta asked me to set my intentions, and we did a grounding exercise. When I stepped into the ring, I was struck by the horse’s beauty and asking him to walk with me suddenly felt like the most natural thing in the world. He walked right over and nuzzled me. Pure joy! And when I turned to walk and he followed, it was pure magic. After walking together a bit, Jutta asked if I wanted to work on my intention of grounding. I stopped in the center of the ring. Catan stopped next to me. Jutta suggested I place my hand on his side to feel his grounding, and energy shot down through my feet, rooting me to the spot! I felt like I could stand there for DAYS, Catan still and steady at my side. My senses burst open – I became aware of the trees, the birds, the whole valley. This was new. I wondered if it was a taste of what Catan senses? It was incredible. All wordless. Very present. After sensing my turn was complete, I walked back over to the gate, but there was one more gift. Jutta said — there is such a thing as being too open. That horse is about to lay on top of you, is that what you want? Well, no, but I didn’t want to break the connection either. It felt amazing. So Jutta offered an idea — what if you could stay connected AND have breathing room? Ohhh! I no sooner had the fleeting thought, yes, a little space when Catan instantly took 2 steps back and calmly gazed at me as if to say, there, is that better? WOW. For me, this workshop was profound and unforgettable. I can’t wait to go back.” 

- Karen P. 

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