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A Play Date with Horses

This day full of discovery and exploration through our relaxed, guided activities featuring close, playful interactions with horses, creates a new awareness and appreciation of the unparalleled bond between humans and horses.  Light-hearted, fun-filled encounters with a variety of horses encourage participants to have a direct and positive influence on horse behavior, develop a knowledge and understanding of horse communication, and generate the power of intention and attitudes that enhance relationships and shared experiences.

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No previous horse experience is required and no horseback riding is involved, so participants at any skill level are welcome to enjoy this lively and spirit-lifting day that includes:

  • Blending into a herd of horses and hanging out together as a unified group in a pasture setting 

  • Exploring a variety of ways to actively interact with a moving horse by altering its speed and direction in a round pen

  • Enjoying up close and spontaneous exchanges with individual horses while grooming and spending time discovering their unique personalities

  • Using different props and obstacles for creative arena activities that can be structured or freestyle 

  • Sharing humorous horse stories and fun facts that celebrate the unique joy that comes from interaction with horses

To be safe and comfortable in our ranch setting, we advise clients to wear outdoor, weather-appropriate clothing and covered toe footwear. Light snacks, drinks and lunch are provided, but clients are responsible for specific food restrictions. 

Please check our events calendar to find dates for upcoming workshops, or contact us directly to create a schedule exclusively for your group.


“Thank you for organizing the play date this past weekend. I was hesitant at first to work with such large animals with my limited horse experience, but Jutta and Kasia were excellent in helping me feel comfortable and confident. The surprising thing about the experience was the realization of how the physical, emotional and mental aspect are interrelated in working with horses, and how I realized how that applied to working with humans as well. The awareness of being in the present moment the horse requires of you, to have a good relationship, made me realize how overthinking the past or future can be counterproductive in any relationship, not just in horsemanship.”


- John C.

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