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Gatherings with People and Horses are here !!!

Join us for our Gathering on August 10th, 2024 at 9:00 AM-11:00 AM.
We are excited to share with our community the benefits of life coaching with horses. 
For public events/workshops, please check the calendar below, follow the directions and sign up.

July 2024
9:00 AM
Gathering with People and Horses - exploring celebration. (1)
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Welcome to Life Coaching with Horses 501(c)(3) scheduling calendar.

We offer coaching services to first responders, local non-profits, their teams, volunteers, and clients as well as to other businesses that would like to reward or educate their staff members. 

Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) Previous Events

Hospice SLO half-day of play, communication and connection.

"I feel grateful for the experience. The reflection and interpretation of the horse experience by loving guides increased trust in the wisdom of nature as support and guidance."
Kelli Schonher

"I felt affirmed and so happy to be with facilitators, group attendees, kindred persons - horses and peace are the center of my life - it was so nice to share this common way of life. I am working on trusting life - at a slower, more mindful pace. This workshop helped me immensely: hearing each group member talk about who they are, what matters to them, and what challenges they are currently working on."
Jesse Dee

"Thank you for your professionalism, deliberateness, and obvious appreciation for the value of a deep breath. I realized I’d grown more than I give myself credit for. My favorite part was paying attention to the horses, others, and myself."
Tim Ross

"Focus on breath/breathing and getting a huge sigh from Cruz :) was amazing. I need to think about my breathing more often than I do. I liked the "active" part of the 
exercise with the play area with jumping and running around with Chatan. I like what is becoming my "annual" tune-up. Makes a nice time stamp on my life and volunteer work."
Wynette Winkler

"It was all gentle and impactful. I remember most of all the words of the humans teaching us about horses and how they don’t respond well to inauthentic people. All the people- attendees and leaders- were sensitive, grounded, and wise. I couldn’t get enough. It was truly a small piece of paradise."
Solina Lindahl


"Thank you for providing this event for us. I thought our facilitators [humans and horses] were wonderful at guiding us through the morning. I enjoyed getting to know others involved with Hospice. I appreciate being invited to participate in this event while learning to care for myself."


Hospice SLO full day of rest, restoration and connection.

"I'd love to tell the other trainees about my wonderful experience with Life Coaching with Horses. And I especially want to thank the person who made this all possible. I truly felt given to and pampered in an outdoors setting. We give so much at Hospice that it was wonderful to be treated to a day off and to be taught by horses. Usually, our mentors and teachers are not equine so "their perspective" and behaviors modeled the wisdom our bodies are capable of."
Margie Hurd

"I realized I'm not as uncomfortable around horses as I thought I was and would be more willing to interact with them in the future. Also, personally, I realized how neglectful I have been of my own self-care and moving forward I will make a more conscious effort to take better care of myself and ask for help. The walk with the stones and the horses to the labyrinth and the metaphor that went along with that. Thank you for a truly wonderful experience. I brought an open mind and my expectations were surpassed and then some. It is amazing how a day spent with sweet horses and compassionate hosts can lift the spirits and create lasting change!"
Sara Bartlett


Team building for Creek Lands Conservation

"I appreciated the facilitators' safety callouts and soft suggestions for process and content. The sessions were so nicely interwoven to build human and horse understanding and connections"
Steph Wald - Watershed Projects Manager

"I loved spending time with the horses... just grooming and hanging with them, I would have done that all day!! Thank you all so much! It was such a special experience! Very comfortable in every way. You guys made it an ideal experience. It was so lovely. From the shady area to the snacks, the leaders, the horses, to our lunch area. Thank you!!"
Danielle Narzisi - Conservation Science Education Manager

"Riding waves" of connection with Nature and horses for Operation Surf

"This experience was a huge success for our team. We each came to the program with different intentions and expectations. Some had hesitations, some were excited, while others simply remained open - but we all walked away changed. Kasia and Jutta guided the experience so elegantly and created an interactive learning experience that was safe both emotionally and physically. The horses were lovely and brought so much joy and healing with just their mere presence. This was a much needed space and time for our team. We can't thank Life Coaching with Horses enough!" 


Amanda Curaza, Executive Director of Operation Surf


"Thank you Kasia and Jutta! This was such a beautiful day and experience. Thank you for your time and warm hospitality with our group. Mahalo."


Sierra Mendoza, Operations Manager

Time of connection for Lumina Alliance staff

"I have now had the privilege of attending two of the Life Coaching with Horses experiences with Kasia and Jutta.  The opportunity for team building is huge but it is also a relaxing place to really disconnect from work and learn from the behavior of the horses.  The experience has long-lasting effects and you will find yourself reflecting back on it for days!"

Susan Lamont, Chief Program Officer, Interim

"I enjoy every minute and just love it." - Elia Partida, Shelter Manager

Introduction to Equus Coaching with CalPoly students

Rejuvenation and rest for volunteers of Hospice SLO

"... thanks so much for giving me the opportunity for a most fulfilling and uplifting experience. What I got out of this was way more than I expected and opened my eyes to a whole new world of understanding, connecting, thinking, and appreciating many aspects of life, who we touch and who touches us, not to mention how much of this comes from these magnificent animals. I left with a feeling of comfort, joy, peace and so much more knowledge about horses than I ever imagined. Coming from zero exposure to these creatures, that says a lot.
I can't say enough about the great job Kasia, Jutta, and their team do in putting together this very meaningful and thoughtful experience. It is clear this is a labor of love for them."

Karina Bain-Krueger

Team building workshop for Lumina Alliance

"Our Leadership Team thoroughly enjoyed the Equine Experience. As a newer team created out of a merger, we were seeking an opportunity to strengthen our bonds and build trust. Not only did we achieve both of those goals, but we also greatly benefited from the healing powers of being outside in nature with each other and with the horses. Kasia, Jutta, and their entire team were professional, accessible, and created a safe environment, both physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend the Equine Experience to any team in need of connection, rejuvenation, or just good old-fashioned fun!"

Jennifer Adams, CEO

What an amazing experience. I didn't know how much I needed yesterday afternoon. Thank you Jutta, Kasia and the two other facilitators who joined us. It was magical!

Angela Smith, Director of Housing Services

"I had a truly wonderful experience working with you and the horses. It helped me to see how many stories there are to any given situation and how I often too quickly write a negative story. The awareness of this habit is so important. I loved bonding with new staff members and sharing a relaxing experience outside together. Even the drive to and from was fun to connect with staff members and reflect on our adventures throughout the day. 

Thank you so much Kasia and Jutta. The work you are doing is very special and I feel honored I got to experience it. I hope many more thousands of people also get to experience it. 

Take care and thank you for what you do in this world."

Christina Kaviani, PhD | Prevention & Education Director

Workshop for Hospice of San Luis Obispo County

“The end of life doula team at Hospice of San Luis Obispo County had a wonderful equine experience at the ranch. The horses were so calm and comforting and the life coaches provided a safe space to explore our energy and emotions. Each Doula had an opportunity for an individual experience connecting with a horse and life coach and then in small groups, we explored communication and teamwork. It was profoundly empowering, grounding, and enlightening. We are deeply grateful to the team at Life Coaching with Horses and look forward to future collaborations.”


Shannon McOuat, Executive Director and End of Life Doula

Resilient Souls Trauma Class Graduation

"Friday was an amazing and wonderfully healing blessing" 

 Lisa Majors, President, Founder and CEO of Resilient Souls

"Thank you so much for the wonderful day"  

  Gail Kania, participant.

"From the moment my son and daughter and I turned into the property and began slowly driving back to our meeting area for our group's life coaching session and graduation with Life Coaching with Horses in Paso Robles, calm and wonder already began to wash over us as we took in the peaceful beauty of the place before we had even parked our car.


The facilitators, Kasia Roether and Jutta Thoerner, thoughtfully took our group through each stage of the program they designed for us, as each step transitions beautifully into the next. For me, the highlight was being with the horses and gently taking their "gifts" to us from their manes. Rejection is something we are challenged to overcome the pain of with grace every day. One horse was alone by himself while all the others were together at the back of the corral.  Danny was his name. The way he was alone, I immediately connected with him. Spending that time loving on Danny, hugging and petting him, talking to him seems such a simple thing but they were moments so healing and comforting the way I believe God provides for as one of the ways for the human-animal connection to be.

I definitely recommend the wonderful opportunities for insight, calm, healing, hope and more discovered through Kasia and Jutta's beautiful equine experience."


~Grateful Single Mom, Templeton, CA

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