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Interactive Online Courses

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At Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3), we believe that interactions with horses and a connection with Nature provide the essential elements needed for a purposeful and balanced life. Through life coaching with horses and spending time outdoors, participants learn from Nature's universal wisdom and lessons found only in natural surroundings.​

We understand that unavoidable circumstances, busy schedules, and other obligations may prevent  people from attending our outdoor activities. Therefore, we offer learning opportunities through interactive online courses designed for those who cannot join in Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c) (3) live events. 

Our online courses provide multidimensional resources for enriching human life by incorporating horses and nature-related components.  We blend video recordings of horse interactions that illustrate featured concepts with direct instruction and a variety of coaching tools while facilitating mutually beneficial group discussion.  An open exchange of personal perspectives is encouraged to create an organic connection that enhances the value and power of joining together as a class.  Course participants have opportunities to receive individualized coaching from master instructors and acquire useful tools and techniques for personal application.

Course content is presented in three 90-minute Zoom sessions each week for three consecutive weeks. After enrolling, our participants receive a Zoom invitation and customized resource materials via email. Class sizes are limited to small groups to ensure a comfortable, safe sharing space and ample time to attain all course objectives. 

Please check our calendar to find dates for upcoming courses, or contact us directly to create a schedule exclusively for your group of up to eight people.


“I chose this class because I struggle to set boundaries.  Feelings of being aggressive, making others uncomfortable, or questioning my beliefs of setting a boundary led me to take the class and explore further.  Seeing the videos of the horses and seeing how they set boundaries allowed me to see how easy it can be for us humans to establish boundaries and was very effective.  Additionally, sharing the class with others gave words and credence to my feelings and hesitations.  I realized I wasn't alone in my fears or beliefs. Thanks for offering this class.”


- Vivian B. 

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