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Welcome to Life Coaching with Horses

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Life coaching with horses is an alternative, safe, and gentle form of support that offers individuals and groups hands-on, outdoor activities with horses and trained coaches.  Our clients embark on a life-changing journey and experience a visceral understanding of how their inner state shapes different aspects of their lives.

Horses possess inherent intuition, are non-judgmental, and have a present perspective. During interactions, they offer honest feedback to any human behavior changes, emotion, or intellectual state, providing the participants with unique support.

The benefits of life coaching with horses are numerous and useful to anyone interested in:​

  • Deepening self-awareness or connecting to nature's wisdom

  • Enhancing personal or professional relationship

  • Restoring a deeper sense of trust in oneself and nurturing personal well-being

  • Finding truth by cutting through limiting beliefs

  • Practicing clearer thinking, effective communication, and healthy boundary setting

  • Cultivating compassion-based communication for a healthy work environment

  • Co-creating accountability and connections within groups

  • Practicing leadership based on authenticity, listening, and empathy

  • Connecting with a personal inner source of confidence, curiosity and playfulness

  • Contributing to emotional safety for everyone around you

  • Turning intellectual concepts into felt experiences

  • Growing creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Practicing nonjudgmental presence to others' processing

Please contact us to receive more detailed information regarding our services.

Gathering with People and Horses

Demo Event

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of life coaching with horses, we offer a free, private, group (min. 6 participants) two-hour Gathering with People and Horses. During this presentation, you will:


  • Discover how horses help you live from a place of peace and balance.

  • Witness life coaching with horses supporting conscious shifts in limiting perspectives.

  • Observe powerful new ways to achieve life-changing insights from your inner roadblocks with horses as your guides.

  • Have a chance to volunteer to be coached by Kasia or Jutta. 


Sign up here for Gathering with People and Horses and invite your friends and family to join you for this fun, meaningful event.

Life Coaching with Horses, a 501 (c)(3) offers services free of charge to qualifying members of non-profit organizations serving our communities. We also support our military personnel, law enforcement agencies, first responders, firefighters, medical staff and mental health workers.

Reduced pricing can be arranged for other groups and individuals based on need.

Donations (click here) are gratefully accepted and sponsorships are available for gifting our services to others.

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