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Individual Life Coaching with Horses

Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) offers facilitated interactions with horses in a safe, non-judgmental space for practice and implementation of new perspectives, fresh ideas, and healthy concepts for living a balanced life. With unbiased and instant feedback from horses, our clients engage in unique, playful and extremely effective experiences that promote self-exploration and personal growth.

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Individual life coaching sessions include selected periods of time when a person, in the presence of one or more horses and a trained facilitator, can explore life areas that could benefit from support, guidance, or expansion.  Participation in a session does not require prior horse experience and does not involve horseback riding. Our clients interact with well-mannered horses, receive safety instructions and are offered immediate assistance from a coach if more security is needed.

How a session evolves depends entirely on a client’s intentions, comfort level, willingness, curiosity, and openness to possibilities. Clients may choose to remain still and enjoy the quiet presence of a horse while processing some ideas or engage in a dynamic exchange of playful interactions, such as inviting a horse to follow along in a walk,  move around a round pen at a chosen speed, or to play with obstacles in an arena. All activities with horses are entwined with gentle conversations and inspiring coaching exercises, quiet moments of reflection, and self-care breaks.

Individual life coaching sessions are offered in two, three, or four-hour time increments and can be shared between two clients. To be safe and comfortable in our ranch setting, we advise clients to wear outdoor, weather-appropriate clothing and covered toe footwear. Light snacks and water are provided, but clients are responsible for specific food restrictions.  


Please explore our website for more information, and contact us directly to schedule a private appointment for learning and healing with horses.


“I have come to know Kasia Roether as both a highly talented equine professional, life coach and a very dear friend. I first met Kasia in 1997 while working together at Flag Is Up Farms for the well-known equine clinician, Monty Roberts. A few years later I invited Kasia to explore the Martha Beck life coach training. Confirming my intuition, Kasia thrives as a life coach. Her natural openness and kind heart help put her clients as ease. She is deeply insightful, wise and humble. Kasia is a rare individual. She is a true friend, an incredible teacher, an insightful certified life coach, and an extraordinary horse woman. I’m truly honored she has chosen the support and teaching of the the Koelle Institute of Equus Coaching®.”

- Koelle Simpson, founder of the Koelle Institute of Equus Coaching®

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