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Restoring Human Bonds


Life Coaching with Horses bringing people back together.

The pandemic has changed our lives in unpredicted ways, particularly affecting social interactions. However, the time for:

  •  Reconnecting with each other,

  •  Sharing space safely,

  •  Enjoying community,

  •  Reuniting through work and recreation is here!

Reserve a free 90-minute outdoor workshop with us. Allow horses, nature and trained facilitators to restore the connection and communication with others. With our support and facilitated gentle re-entry into group interactions, we as a community will rebound. Life Coaching with Horses will help you or your organization with taking the first step.

What will you experience?


Upon arrival, we'll observe a herd of horses and we'll talk about how to connect and safely share space with the animals. Then we'll join the horses and, depending on the needs of your group, guide you through mindful and revitalizing practices. At the end of the experience there will be time for reflection, discussion and pictures with memorable horses. No riding is involved and no experience with horses is necessary. Allow yourself to be amazed by what a horse will do for human suffering from grief, loneliness or fear. All of your emotions are welcome.

How will this benefit your group/team?


Time spent with horses in this natural environment supports the human spirit and the rebuilding of energy reserves. It provides stress relief and recharges nervous system regulation. Participants develop a new sense of grounding and the recognition of personal inner resources used for coping with overwhelm and uncertainty while restoring human bonds.

Not sure how horses can influence your well-being? If you have about 3 minutes, comfortably sit down, open full screen and play the video. At the end of the video just notice how you are feeling at the moment. If you notice any positive changes, imagine spending time with real horses, surrounded by Nature.


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