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The Place Where the Magic Happens

Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) has partnered with a private horse ranch near Lake Nacimiento in Paso Robles, California to connect and integrate the processes of personal growth with the help of horses and nature. Enveloped in the undisturbed beauty of rolling hills, flowing creeks and peaceful oaks, this location offers an unparalleled opportunity to revitalize and reconnect with your potential and find inner balance while enjoying natural synergy.

The unique microclimate of this location provides a comfortable and inviting environment all year long and the amenities of the ranch allow for a wide range of activities and interactions.  The multifaceted ranch includes a professional grade covered arena, additional arenas and round pens, shaded observation areas, outdoor dining venues, a meditation labyrinth, and an abundance of natural settings for reflection and inspiration.

This ranch's privacy and seclusion ensure safe and undisturbed sessions that maintain confidentiality and promote trust, collaboration, and individual success.  In addition to scheduled Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) activities, spontaneous interactions with resident horses, dogs, cats, chickens, red-tailed hawks, deer and wildflowers allow for connections that only nature can bring.

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