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Becoming a Horse Person

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In addition to mastering basic horsemanship, a true horse person recognizes that every horse is a unique being, incomparable in its entirety and deserving of interaction that is respectful of the animal’s nature and conducive to its overall wellness.  

Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) instructors create space where humans and horses communicate effectively, demonstrate mutual respect, and establish meaningful, healthy relationships.  Our philosophy of working with horses has always been consistent; when a person wants a horse to do something, especially when it is contrary to its prey nature, it is essential that the human is able to view the relationship from the perspective of a horse. The fundamental responsibility of the person is to create a non-threatening environment, using forms of communication and interactions that foster learning and connection through sensitivity and compassionate understanding.

Kasia and Jutta have spent decades learning about the nature of horses and training many different  breeds for a variety of disciplines. Now they share their exceptional experience and knowledge to teach the foundational principles of horsemanship through hands-on, guided activities designed to help clients to:

  • Understand a horse’s behaviors, reactions and needs.

  • Create mutual respect and boundaries for safe interactions.

  • Interpret Equus language.

  • Clearly communicate specific training goals.

  • Effectively and gently use a variety of training equipment.

  • Earn and cultivate the trust of a horse through desensitizing exercises.

A horse is a sublime, paradoxical creature.  It is powerful yet fragile, inspiring awe and evoking fear, untamed in the wild but willing to be domesticated and trained.  Mastering the useful skills of basic horsemanship and becoming a true horse person with Life Coaching with Horses 501 (c)(3) is a comprehensive way to honor and celebrate this simply incredible animal.

To be safe and comfortable in our ranch setting, we advise clients to wear outdoor, weather-appropriate clothing and covered toe footwear. Light snacks and drinks are provided, but clients are responsible for specific food restrictions.

Please explore our website for more information, and contact us directly to schedule a private appointment for learning how to become a horse person.


Working with Kasia Roether was such a huge help! She is able to see things so clearly, and uses her intuition to ask just the right questions at just the right time. I felt so much better after being coached by her and was inspired to go deeper in my journey. Kasia is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable when it comes to horsemanship. I came to Kasia anxious about my young horse’s behavior. After our session, I felt totally at ease with my horse. And he felt it too…


– Angela Jackson, Equus Coach 

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