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Jutta Thoerner - Master Facilitator Coach

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I grew up on a horse ranch in Germany. I was raised “wild” by my busy parents and 2 older siblings who were satisfied to see me at meals.  I spent countless, blissful hours with my dog and pony in nature, feeling a deep connection to both. Nonverbal communication was so natural for me, that when I figured out around age 5 that not everybody was doing it, I felt sadness for them.

My education is in horse breeding, physiology and all aspects of horse husbandry, completing a Master’s degree in Farm management in 1983.  I became interested in non-conventional horse training and began working with Linda Tellington Jones, using “the T Touch” in the 1980.  I immigrated to the USA in 1995, and continued working with young and difficult horses and then teaching their owners. During that time, seminars from Ray Hunt in the 1990’s rounded out the training part with horses, using nonverbal cues and body language.

During a time of self-discovery and reflection, I became interested in the coaching field for people in 2010.  I enrolled and completed the Martha Beck coaching program in 2014.  In 2017 I graduated from the Center for Equus Coaching as a certified Equine Master Facilitator and  Coach.  I know for sure that Life Coaching with Horses changes lives for the better.

Being part of the Equine-Experience, I bring my intuitive ability, my patience, my good sense of humor and my knowledge of a horse’s way to connect with you as you re-discover Joy, Play and Peace.

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