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Cynthia Douglas, MD - Chief Financial Officer

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I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, the 3rd of 7 children. I have always enjoyed learning, advancing from different schools and universities until I moved to CA to take my 1st position as a Physician in another small town. I stayed in Paso Robles and my interest in Horses was re-ignited in the 1980 when I began endurance riding with friends, Jutta among them. I have owned several horses over the years, and then, a personal traumatic event, had me look for some coaching help. I took the training with Martha Beck Life coaching in 2014. I then continued my personal journey of healing and self-discovery with the Teachings of Eckart Toelle and Dr Depak Chopra.

 I have been witnessing the transformational work that is possible when you attend the sessions for Life Coaching with Horses. Being part of this nonprofit is my way of giving back and paying it forward.

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