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  • Experience how your energy impacts your environment.

  • Get a fresh perspective when you don’t want to deal with discomfort in your life any longer.

  • Practice being a clearer thinker, communicator, trust builder, boundary setter and natural leader.

  • Rediscover your inner balance and bring it back to your life.

​Kasia or Jutta, with one or more of our Equine partners, are ready to provide you with professional support, a safe space and the creative activities to accommodate your needs and intentions with our personal sessions.

Life Coaching with Horses


As a psychologist, I am skeptical yet curious about alternative forms of emotional healing. However, I value the presence of animals in my life as they provide non-conditional forms of acceptance. My experience with Equine Experience, with the horse (Madison) and with Kasia, was truly remarkable. It is a worthwhile way to reinforce understanding and present moment awareness. I strongly recommend it!


– Christine Fredericks; 2020

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