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Customized Equus Sessions

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  • Understand communication better.

  • Learn leadership.

  • Build stronger relationships.

  • Learn the importance of emotional transparency.

  • Develop compassion and empathy.

Whether you have a family, social, or work situation, we will listen to your story and create an Equus program that serves your needs and your intentions. You will experience our insightful guidance and the objective partnership from horses.


Going in the ring by myself with the horse was such a lovely experience. That he came right over and snuffled my hands, and followed me without being told. I also loved when I tried to make him run by running myself, not sure of how else to do that, and he stopped and refused, and me shouting to Kasia, “He doesn’t want to run!” And Kasia shouting back, “Does Alison want to run?” Really good point! How often I do things because I feel I SHOULD. And turns out nobody wants to do those things.

I also liked being in the field with the horses at the very beginning, not understanding what we were ‘supposed’ to do, but catching myself and my projections – oh! that poor horse all by himself! I’m going to go keep him company! – and then realizing he was perfectly fine by himself, chomping away at the grass, it was me imagining he was lonely, and then being able to move away from all the horses and people and just enjoy being outdoors in that beautiful place, not knowing what would happen next, not needing to MAKE anything happen myself and being fine with that.


– Alison C; 2019

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